Heat Exchangers

Diamond Process Solutions offers many types and makes of heat exchangers to suit your unique needs.  Each application is carefully considered to ensure that the proper product is selected based on required transfer, flow rates, pressures, available utilities, product profiles and more.  Feel confident that your process will run as required.

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Brazed Heat Exchangers

Brazed heat exchangers are a type of low cost non serviceable heat exchanger.  The plates are fused directly together eliminating the need for gaskets, allowing for higher design pressures.  Brazed units are also compact and very effecient.


Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE)

Plate heat exchangers are a staple for sanitary process heating.  Consisting of several plate assembled together with gaskets between each plate, these are easily disassembled for cleaning and inspection.


Shell & Tube Exchangers (S&T)

Shell and tube exchangers come in many different configurations and materials depending on required duty..  Typically used to heat or cool utilities and CIP fluid, these are low maintenance and servicable.