Pasteurizer Certification

We offer annual and bi-annual pasteurizer certification for HTST and VAT systems throughout western Canada including salt testing and dye checks.  Contact us today to book your certification.

HTST Certification - Annual
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We offer HTST certifications as required by CFIA.  There are 3 service types:

  • Annual - this is a full service and includes hold time salt test.  Required once per year
  • Bi-Annual - This service is required 6 months after the full service to validate and calibrate gauges and thermometers.  No salt test.
  • Vat - This service is required annual for VAT systems
Service Type:
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Milk Receiving System Proving

Diamond Process is the ONLY service provider in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan with the equipment and knowledge to prove milk receiving systems as per Measurement Canada requirements.  We have a 2000L mobile prover unit.